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8 Easy Washi Tape Weekly Spreads You Can Create In Minutes

Are you looking for a quick way to make a beautiful weekly spread in your bullet journal? Or do you just want a minimalist spread that shows off your collection of washi tape?

It’s ok if you just haven’t got the time to draw, decorate or doodle your way to a detailed weekly spread right now. Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. With just a pen and a roll of your favourite washi tape, you can create one (or all eight!) of these weeklies in no time at all.

My favourite part of keeping a bullet journal has got to be the weekly spread. As a busy mum of two, it’s the perfect place to keep track of everything that needs to get done. From the big things like appointments all the way down to remembering a spare change of clothes for an outing.

Whatever you need – the weekly spread can help you get organised!

What is a weekly spread?

Although it’s not officially included in the original bujo set up, it’s a really great way of keeping track of every detail of your week.

At it’s most basic, a weekly spread will include a space for each of the days from Monday through to Sunday and an extra area dedicated to jotting down tasks and upcoming activities for the following week. it’s the perfect way to get organised for the next seven days (and beyond!).

As preparation for your week, you can pre-fill any upcoming appointments, tasks that need completing or things you need to remember. Then, as you go through the week, things can be added or ticked off as necessary. If you don’t manage to get something done, you can move the task to the following week if necessary.

A weekly spread will really help you keep on top of things aaaaand if you’re in the habit of forgetting things *raises hand* then this is the spread for you.

If you wanted to, you could add in a habit tracker (or two), a mood tracker or space for weather or meals – each spread is completely customisable.

Each weekly spread below only took me 15 minutes or so to put together. So you can get down to the nitty gritty of planning your week ASAP!

You Will Need:

Washi tape (in any design and as many rolls as you like!)


Fine artist pen


Pencil (optional)

Eraser (optional)

And that’s all you need, so let’s get started…

I used a stencil for the lettering but you could just as easily go freehand. Simply write out your days of the week in a horizontal line, cut a few triangles from your roll of washi tape and that’s it, you’ll be well on your way to productivity.

Out of the four spreads, this one took a little more effort but only because I had to cut up extra shapes from the roll of tape. I’m loving the look of a triangle theme and was really happy with the combination of metallic and patterned washi tape. I’ll definitely be using this style spread again soon!

The most basic of the four weekly spreads, I used a diagonal print washi tape and cut narrow strips to separate the days of the week. Even though it’s a simple design, there is lots of space to jot down daily tasks, appointments, memories or doodles – whatever you need to stay productive!

Pretty and functional, I used strips of washi tape to divide up the sections and add a splash of colour to this spread. With seperate areas for ‘tasks’ and plans for ‘next week’, this spread might be minimalistic but it’ll definitely encourage you to stay organised.

I used a combination of long strips and smaller cuts of washi tape in this weekly spread. Cutting out individual flowers really made the days of the week stand out. I also included a gratitude log, which, you guessed it, is used for recording things you’re grateful for.

Add a splash of tropical colour to your week! This spread was really easy to draw up and had a space for a few different trackers; weather, water intake and a couple of areas for gratitude.

Hands up if you’re looking for a weekly spread that’s just a bit stylish and minimalistic?! The tiny triangle pattern really made the day of the week boxes stand out. I used the top centre area for a gratitude log but you could easily swap it for any kind of habit tracker.

This final weekly spread is really basic but it has been given a little creativity boost with the addition of washi tape. Sometimes lots of writing space in your bullet journal is a good thing as that means more space for you to get organised 😉

So if you’re in a hurry or you just don’t feel like being creative this week then grab a roll or two of washi tape, a pen and you’re all set to recreate one of these awesome spreads.



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