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Minimalist Bullet Journal Ideas For A Quick Setup!

A minimalist bullet journal could be just what you need to streamline your daily tasks!

Minimalist weekly spread

Whether you’re new to bullet journaling and want to focus on productivity or if you’re simply in a hurry – you can easily create minimalist bullet journal pages that look neat and include everything you need for an organised life!

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With so many beautiful, colourful and decorative designs out there, it can be easy to fall into the trap of feeling as though you have to come up with something intricate each week. Know that you don’t have to.

Unfortunately, life sometimes can get in the way of creativity.

Don’t worry – I’m here to show you that minimalist designs can be awesome too.

Less sometimes is more.

By keeping your pages simple it’s often easier to be more organised and productive with your time.

All of the layouts in this post only take a few minutes to sketch out, can be done with the most basic of supplies and look clean and neat.

So…let’s go back to basics!

How to make your minimalist pages stand out:

Use a ruler or straight edge to keep your lines perfect.

Try to keep your doodles simple and just use a few extras (habit trackers or meal planners etc).

Using colour can be a great way to make sections of your spread stand out without too much effort. Outline your lettering or underline your headings for pops of colour.

Washi tape can be a fun way to add colour too, it’s so easy to stick in a strip here and there! You might also like to have a look at my post ‘Eight Easy Washi Tape Weekly Spreads You Can Create In Minutes’.

Basic tools

I use this essentials notebook. The pages are a good quality, so bleeding and ghosting is minimal if you’re not using heavy colour or paints.

I used the Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens to outline all of the designs in this post.



Minimalist Bullet Journal page ideas:

I have broken down the post into the seperate parts of a bullet journal so you can either do a whole setup or just use the layouts that will suit you best.

Minimalist Index

An index keeps a record of each page in your journal. It’s great for when you’re looking for something specific – for example a tracker or a birthday log. The index can be added to as and when you need to.

Although some bullet journal notebooks come with a pre-printed index, many don’t. However, it’s really easy to create your own!

Minimalist bullet journal index

All you need in the index is space to add your own page numbers and list your content or title and you’re all done. This sample above is very basic but you could always add in a border or a few doodles of your own to personalise it.

Minimalist Key

Put simply, a key will decipher your journal. Once you know how to use it, it makes writing in your bullet journal a breeze!

Basic Bullet Journal Key

A key doesn’t have to be overly complicated. This one is very similar to Ryder Carroll’s original version.

For more key ideas, have a look at my post ‘Simple Bullet Journal Key Ideas to Organise Your Life’.

Minimalist Future Logs

A future log is a place to record anything you have booked in or coming up later in the year. It’s your year in a glance if you like.

Minimalist future log

Simply draw in bullet points for appointments/events/notes and add them in as they come up.

Minimalist bullet journal future log

I prefer to have individual boxes drawn out so it’s easy to see each month clearly.

Minimalist Monthly Cover Page and Logs

A cover page introduces the new month, and separates it from the previous one. The monthly log allows you to give more of a detailed view of your schedule for the month ahead.

Minimalist monthly log

If you only have a few events/appointments pencilled in, the example layout above could work for you.

Basic monthly spread

This cover page is simple but still looks fun! Minimalism doesn’t all have to be plain. If you’ve got a busy month ahead then this monthly log will keep you organised every day.

Minimalist Weekly Spreads

At it’s most basic, a weekly spread has space for planning each day of the week. It can also be useful to have an area for tasks or notes and a future planning space for next week too. Use your weekly spread to map out your appointments, events and make notes of tasks to be completed.

Minimalist weekly spread
Minimalist weekly
Minimalist weekly circles
Minimalist bujo weekly
Simple weekly
Simple weekly

As you can see – bujo pages don’t have to be overly complicated to look good.

Try out some of these ideas in your bullet journal and get organised quickly!

Let me know your favourite styles of minimalist bullet journal pages in the comments below!



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