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How to: Lemon Themed Weekly spread

Our neighbours have a lemon tree which is currently in full bloom. Every morning as we eat our breakfast, the tree is there peeping over the fence. So this week I thought, why not make a spread that has big, bright, bold colours and celebrates the humble lemon?!

Why use a weekly spread?

A weekly spread is a great way to stay organised for the next seven days. With space for each day of the week, somewhere to jot down tasks and track habits, it’s the perfect way to see your week at a glance.

On a Sunday evening, you can jot down any upcoming appointments you may have, any tasks that need completing or things you need to remember. As you go through the week, things can be added or ticked off as necessary. A weekly spread will really help to keep on top of things aaaaand if you’re in the habit of forgetting things *raises hand* then this is the spread for you!

Read on for some lemon flavoured inspiration!

This week, I decided to trial a Gratitude log in my spread.

After spending a bit of time looking at other bullet journal ideas out there, I came across the idea of a ‘gratitude log’. A gratitude log does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a place to record things that you’re grateful for.

Jotting down things that I am grateful for in my life, whether big or small, seems like a great idea. Perhaps not so much now, but maybe at some point in the future when I’m having a bad or stressful day, looking back at things I was/am thankful for seems like the perfect remedy.

If you’re looking for inspiration then look no further!

How to: Easy Lemon Themed Weekly Spread

Draw three evenly sized boxes down the left hand side of one page and then another three on the right side of the opposite page.

Label each of the six boxes with one of the days of the week, with both Saturday and Sunday in the sixth box. Add a small lemon doodle into the corner and a water tracker down one side of each box.

Divide up the centre into four boxes; tasks, gratitude, next week and an image box.

Add in your lemon doodles! Lemons are really simple to draw. See below.

Small lemon

Draw two sides of an oval but when you join them up, be sure to make them a little pointed.

Add in tiny moon shape in top right side.

Draw stalk and leaf.

Colour in.

Lemon slice

Draw a semi-circle.

Add in a second line around the curved side.

Draw a tiny semi-circle inside the main one.

Add in the segment triangles around the tiny semi-circle.

Colour in.

Lemon half

Draw an oval.

Add on a cone.

Draw a small circle in the centre of the oval.

Add in segment triangles around the small circle.

Colour in yellow

There you have it – easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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