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How to: Easy Rainy Days Weekly Spread

Winter has arrived here in the Southern Hemisphere! The temperatures have definitely started to drop, the evenings are cooler and the sun has been sinking in the sky just that little bit earlier.

Last week the rain was bucketing down but this week there is none forecast! Not a drop – typical. Not one to let no rain rain on my parade (see what I did there?!) – I was still really excited about the idea of creating a rainy day themed weekly spread for my bullet journal.

I wanted to keep it really simple this week for a couple of reasons; partly because I was a bit time-poor but also because I wanted to try allocating more space for jotting down daily bits and pieces. The more space you use for doodling and decorating, the less space you’ll have for writing your stuff down. It’s pretty obvious, right? But sometimes I just get carried away with decorating that I cut myself short on space. Not this week!

Anyway, I digress.

First things first…

What is a weekly spread?

Just in case you’re not familiar with one, a weekly spread is simply a place to record whatever you have scheduled in for the next seven days on either a single or double page. You can use it to jot down birthdays, appointments, things to remember or tasks. Not only that but you can add in trackers, space for special memories or sketches and doodles.

I definitely feel like a weekly spread is the best fit for me personally. I love being able to see my week plotted out in front of me and it’s good to sit down on a Sunday evening to pre-fill any events or tasks I have coming up.

Last week I created a fun plant themed weekly spread which you can read about here.

My main aim with this spread was to practice my calligraphy lettering and only use a few doodles. Oh and of course add in a splash of colour too!

You will need:

As with all of my bullet journal pages, you only need some basic items.

I do (sometimes) use a stencil for the water droplets. Hence how they all look quite even.

I also like to use a ruler for most of the straight edges.

I use these Crayola dual ended colouring pencils here.

Pens (these are a great set)

An HB pencil

An eraser

How to create an easy Rainy Days weekly spread

Divide your page up into six even columns, leaving some space at both the top and the bottom.

Add in your days of the week and task box/next week box.

Get doodling! Below are a couple of examples to get you started.Outline and colour in your doodles to make them really stand out.

Add in water tracker droplets for each day.

And there you have your simple but functional Rainy Days themed weekly spread. Enjoy!

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