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How to: A Beautiful But Basic Lavender Weekly Spread

Inspiration for this weekly spread came from my recently gifted diffuser. I kid you not! I was just enjoying the scent of lavender oil and thought ‘hey, why not create a lavender weekly spread?!’. This just proves that inspiration really can strike at any moment.

That’s one of the awesome things about a bullet journal – you can just randomly come up with an idea and run with it. There are no rules when it comes to your bujo; plants, lemons or umbrellas…whatever it is – you can create it!

Why Use A Weekly Spread?

Although a weekly spread isn’t part of the original setup of a bullet journal, it’s a really popular way of keeping track of your week. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using one:

You only have to create one double page spread a week.

A weekly spread can be something as simple as jotting down the days of the week or you can go all out with doodles and calligraphy. Whatever you decide, once your spread has been created, that’s it. You can focus all your efforts on getting organised!

It helps with productivity.

With your schedule for the week all in the one place, it’s much easier to keep on track with any tasks that need to be completed. You can stay focused on what needs to be done and prioritise accordingly.

Saves space in your journal.

Rather than using a daily log which can take up a page (or more) in your bujo, a weekly log only takes up two pages for seven days.

Gives you the ability to plan ahead.

If you already have appointments scheduled in for the week then it’s easy to jot them down so you can see exactly what is coming up. At the start of each new week it’s a good idea to go back and check for any tasks that weren’t completed and migrate them. I also like to have a dedicated ‘Next Week’ area so that I don’t forget what is coming up.

How to: Lavender Weekly Spread

Divide your double page spread in two with a horizontal line.

Above the line, draw in 6 evenly sized boxes. Add in a 7th below the line on the far right hand side.

Label your boxes with the days of the week.

Add in droplets for the water tracker or whichever habit tracker you like.

Create your other categories/trackers/logs. In my spread I had space for tasks, a gratitude log and a ‘next week’ planner.

Draw lavender doodles (see image below to help you).

Add in splashes of colour.

Voila your lavender weekly spread is finished!


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