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Easy and Fun Future Log Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

A future log only comes along once (or twice) a year – so make it a good one! Map out the next twelve months with one of these fun Future Log Ideas.

Six month future log

A future log can really help you to plan for the year ahead. No more panicking that you’ve forgotten a birthday or anniversary because everything can be written down in advance!

But first up…

What exactly is a future log?

In it’s simplest form, a future log will have a column or area for each of the next twelve months.

Each monthly space is for writing down events, birthdays, holidays, meetings or anything else that is coming up later in the year. The great thing about a future log is that you can add to it at any time (perfect since your bullet journal is mostly still a work-in-progress!).

Also, just in case you’re wondering – it doesn’t have to begin with January either. Starting your bullet journal mid-year is totally fine. Just set up your future log to start the following month.

Flick back to the future log at the start of each month and transfer relevant items over to your monthly log. That way you’ll be prepared for everything coming up in the next four weeks.

And that’s pretty much all there is to a future log!

As the future log is a page that you’ll be referring to quite often, make it something that’s easy to read and of course nice to look at.

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I usually like to keep my supplies simple for creating spreads. You don’t need much to make something awesome.

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Future log ideas

Depending on the amount of space you want for each month, you might find that it’s easier to divide your future log into two (eg. January to June and July to December). If that’s the case then you might like to try out a couple of these designs! So, read on for some easy future log ideas.


Minimalist bullet journal future log

A puzzle style future log, this design has space for each month of the year.

Simple log

Very basic but with a hint of colour, this future log is a little more flexible with the spacing.

Minimalist future log

Although this design is simple, you could add doodles or colour to jazz it up a bit!

Half yearly future log ideas:

As mentioned before, you don’t have to start a future log in January. Just adjust the design to start next month.

Six month future log

It can sometimes be helpful to add a mini calendar to each month so you know which day events fall on. You could circle each appointment or event in the calendar in a certain colour and then write the corresponding item in the same colour.

Circular future log

This circular future log was really easy to set up and is something a little different. If you wanted to, add in some mini calendars around the outside.

Calendar Future log

Rather than writing out each calendar yourself, why not print off mini ones and stick them in? It’ll save you heaps of time and looks really neat.

Colour coding

Another idea for your future log is colour coding each event you record. A code can be really simple to set up. Just choose a colour to represent a certain event or type of event.

For example, pink for a birthday, green for holiday, blue for payday, orange for an appointment… and so on. This can be quite useful for categorising each item in your log.

Colour Coded key

For more key ideas, you may like my post ‘Simple Bullet Journal Key Ideas To Organise Your Life’.

Hopefully you’ve found a future log idea that you like and can use in your bullet journal.



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