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Easy Faux Calligraphy That Everyone Can Do!

Faux calligraphy is the best! It looks amazing, doesn’t require any special drawing skills and can be done really quickly.

Have you ever seen some calligraphy and thought ‘I wish I could do that’. Well, you actually can…and without the hours of practice, special pens or messy ink!

Faux calligraphy is perfect for bullet journal headers, quotes, or any kind of cover page – pretty much anything that requires a bit of fancy writing.

So let’s get started…

All you need to create faux calligraphy is a pen and paper! I used Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens (S and XS) but any kind of pen will do (and in any colour).

Here is a really simple faux calligraphy step by step with pictures :

1. Write out your word/s in your best cursive handwriting. It’s fine to use a pencil first and then trace over the letters with your pen if you’re not sure about placing/size etc.

2. Next, add in an extra line to all of the downstrokes. If you’re not sure exactly where they are, you can use the image below as a guide.

3. Carefully shade in the spaces between the original strokes and the added strokes. You can either use the same pen or add extra contrast with a different colour.

Faux Calligraphy

And that’s it, you’ve got really quick and simple faux calligraphy lettering! Looks good right?!

You can try out the faux calligraphy technique on other styles of lettering too. So give it a go and impress everyone with your new found calligraphy skills!

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