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70+ Easy Doodles (With Step by Step pictures)


Easy doodles can be the perfect addition to any bullet journal page! Whether you plan to use them to signify a certain event or just for fun – I’ve got you covered…

A great way to bring another dimension to your bullet journal is by adding some simple little pictures – otherwise known as doodles!

Even just one or two can really brighten up the pages of your bujo!

What is doodling?

The definition of doodling is – ‘to scribble, sketch or make designs on paper, often while thinking about something else.’

Why doodle?

Aside from personalising your bujo and giving you the chance to express your creativity, doodling is a great way to de-stress after a busy day (or week)! It only takes a few moments to draw a small, simple image; try out a sun, a cloud or a small flower if you’re just a beginner.

Not only that, according to Harvard Health Publishing, doodling can also help you to focus, improve productivity and recall information.

Here are a few tips before you begin:

Don’t be afraid to give it a go!

One of the main hurdles to overcome with any kind of drawing is a fear of making mistakes. It might seem a bit scary, especially when you’re confronted with a blank page or space, but the best thing that you can do is put pen to paper and get started.

The more confident you can be with your drawing, the better the outcome. So have fun, make mistakes but more importantly just give doodling a go!

Start with easy doodles

Sometimes it can be a little intimidating to look online and see stunning artwork that other people have created. Don’t let that scare you off, instead let it be a motivator for you to improve and learn.

All of the doodles in this post are beginner friendly!

Use pencil first

If you’re not overly confident with your drawing skills then doodle in pencil to start with. That way if you make a mistake then you can always use an eraser. It also means that you can make your doodles look exactly how you want before going over them in pen. It may be a little more time consuming initially but it can help with the learning process.!

Outline your doodles in pen

Once you have a doodle that you’re happy with then it’s time to outline it in pen. This is guaranteed to make your artwork stand out and give it a neater and bolder feel. I use these Faber Castell Pitt artists pens, in either the S or XS sized nib. They work really well on almost any type of paper and have very minimal bleeding.

And don’t forget to gently erase any pencil marks showing through.

Add colour

Adding a splash of colour to your pictures is a great way to cover up any mistakes that you may have made along the way, plus it can really brighten up your pages. You can use colouring pencils, markers or paint – whatever you feel most comfortable with.

What do I need to get started?

The best thing about doodling is that you don’t need many tools to start with. Just something to draw on (your bullet journal, an old notebook, a piece of paper, even an old receipt or an envelope – anything will work!) and a pen or pencil of your choice. That’s it – you’re all set.

Tools I like to use:



Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pens

Tombow Dual Brush pens in pastel

Crayola Supertips

Crayola Dual ended colouring pencils

Even with limited drawing skills, I promise that you’ll be able to recreate all of the doodles in this post in a few seconds.

Now, let’s get started with some easy doodles:

Weather doodles

Add mini weather icons to your weekly spread and track the weather patterns.


Umbrella doodles


Bring a bit of sunshine to your journal with a few summer themed doodles. Pick your favourites or use them all!

Summer doodles

From L to R; Watermelon, flip-flops, pineapple, ice cream, ice lolly, wide brimmed hat, beach umbrella and sand, sandcastle, bucket and spade.


When the weather cools and the leaves begin to change colour, you know that Autumn is coming! Add some of these doodles to your bujo spread


Everyone loves a food doodle! They can instantly add a bit of fun to any page in your bullet journal. How about using fruit and veggie doodles in a healthy eating tracker? Or keeping track of cheat days (French fries, pizza, burgers etc)? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Food doodles

From L to R; fried egg, boiled egg, French fries, mushroom, carrot, chicken drumstick, broccoli, eggplant, burger, croissant, avocado, cookie, pear, loaf of bread, taco, pizza, doughnut, grapes, cherries.


Lemon doodles can be a great theme for a summer bullet journal spread. Here are three easy lemon doodles to brighten up your day:

Lemon doodles

Avocados are so easy to draw and cute too! Why not avo-go and add these to your next bullet journal spread?!

Avocado doodles


When I’m stuck for a theme to use in my next weekly spread, flowers and plants are definitely my go-to! Use one type of flower or mix it up and create something a little more intricate.

Rose doodles

If you’re looking for more flower doodles then you might like my post ‘Flower Doodles That Are Quick, Easy and Beautiful!’

Cacti doodles

Cacti are a really popular doodle. Use them in your monthly log, weekly spread or wherever you have a little blank space!


Birthday doodles

Everyone loves to celebrate a birthday. Mark your next special occasion with some of these really simple birthday themed doodles!

Birthday doodles

From top to bottom; birthday present, balloon, party hat, cake, slice of cake, cupcake.

So have a bit of fun and try out some of these doodles! They don’t have to be perfect. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. Even just by spending a few minutes each day doodling will help vastly improve your skills.

Put pen to paper and give them a go – you might surprise yourself!

Keep checking back as I’ll be adding to this post with heaps more doodles!



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