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17 Of The Best Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Layouts

Are you looking for some inspiration for your next bullet journal weekly spread? Or maybe you’re testing the waters and wondering if a weekly is for you? Be ready for whatever life throws at you with one of these fun ideas!

A weekly spread is without doubt the core element of my bullet journal. Although it isn’t part of the traditional bujo setup, it’s a really simple way to get organised. That’s exactly why the bullet journal method is so great – it’s completely customisable.

This type of spread has quickly become really popular amongst fellow bujo-ers. It’s easy to use and a weekly spread in your bullet journal can hold the key to getting more productive with your time. You may be thinking to yourself ‘but you can find a similar spread in any other journal’.

And yes, although you would be right – it can be so much more than that! So let’s go into a few more details…

What is a weekly spread?

The central part of a weekly spread is made up of the days of the week; Monday through to Sunday. Essentially, the whole week is right there in front of you.

You can leave it like that, or, you have the option to add in a tracker, some doodles, a task list, a ‘next week’ section or an ‘upcoming task’ list – whatever you need to organise the next seven days.

If you’re totally new to bullet journaling then have a look at my post ‘How To Start A Bullet Journal (A Foolproof Guide)’.

Why use a weekly spread?

A bullet journal weekly spread can be a real time-saver. You won’t find yourself constantly creating daily spreads and once you’ve chosen the best weekly spread for your lifestyle then you’ll be saying ‘hello’ to productivity!

You can use a weekly spread to establish new habits or sustain old ones. Plus, you won’t be wasting pages of your bullet journal when you’ve got a quiet week ahead.

Another great thing about a weekly spread is that it’s easy to add in appointments and items ‘to do’ as they come up.

What makes a good weekly spread?

A good weekly spread will allow you to be able to see everything that is important to you for that week.

How is it different from other spreads?

Unlike a daily log which takes up a whole page, you can fit an entire weekly spread into one or two pages (depending on how busy your week is). This means you’ll be saving valuable space in your journal.

A weekly spread is more detailed than a monthly log so you can list important tasks and things to remember. At the start of each week, just refer back to your monthly log and fill in upcoming events for the next seven days.

Your spread can be as basic or as complicated as you like. Jot down the days of the week, leaving space between each one and you’re ready to go with a simple spread which can be set up in minutes.

Above all, make sure the spread is functional. The whole point of a bullet journal is to help you be more productive with your time.

What can I add to my weekly spread?

As you start to feel more comfortable with a basic weekly spread, you can start to expand from there.


A different writing style or font

Adding some colour

A weekly habit tracker

Themed doodles

A gratitude log

A meal plan

Just about anything can be accommodated in a weekly spread! If you find that something isn’t working for you then just remove it from your following week setup and try something different.

If it’s creativity you want, then go ahead and add in some doodles or a little fancy lettering. You might want to check out my post ’50+ Amazing Bullet Journal Headers To Try Today’.

So take a look at the different weekly spreads below for some inspiration!

Horizontal box weekly spreads

Horizontal boxes are the most straightforward layout to use, easy on the eye and simple to fill in. A basic style like this is perfect for anyone starting out with bullet journaling.

Lighthouse weekly

This ocean themed spread has a few doodles to brighten it up but the layout is still really basic and the trackers are simple.

Minimalist spread

This minimalist spread is really easy and only took a few minutes to put together. It’s great for those weeks when you’re short on time. You could easily use the bottom right corner to add in some doodles or a tracker.

Plant themed bullet journal weekly spread

Rather than taking up space inside the daily boxes, the plant doodles in this weekly spread are on the outside so you have lots of space for creativity. This one incorporates both a water tracker and a meal plan.

Vertical boxed spreads

Bee weekly

Bees are the perfect addition to any springtime spread! They’re easy to doodle and can add a bit of fun. This double page spread also includes a water tracker and space for a meal plan.

Lavender themed spread

This lavender themed spread is really basic with just minimal doodles. The space between the top two lines are for the weather but you could use that area for anything.

Vertical columns

Vertical lemon bullet journal weekly spread

When life gives you lemons, make a lemon themed weekly spread…ok, so I made that one up, but it works, right?! Add a pop of colour to your weekly spread with a lemon or two.

This spread focuses mainly on making notes for each day of the week. It only leaves a little space for tasks/next week. This style of weekly would be perfect for a beginner or if you’re short on time.

Brighten up any rainy day with this spread! The individual daily water trackers really add to this theme. There is just a small amount of space for tasks and next week, but you could easily resize the daily columns to give extra space for these sections.

Cacti bullet journal weekly spread

Try adding some cacti doodles for a fun theme. The days of the week are the central focus of this idea. It includes a water tracker and weather chart aside from the usual task boxes.

Kite themed bullet journal weekly spread

‘Let’s go fly a kite…’ An eye catching spread with pops of colour from the kites. This one has both a water tracker and a sleep tracker.

Large boxes

Plant bullet journal weekly spread

A plant themed weekly spread can be used all year round! This is leaning towards spring but you could use it at any time of year.

Boxed weekly spread

Try out some boxes with shadows to make the days of the week really stand out!

Hot air balloon weekly

Take your weekly spread up up and away by adding in some hot air balloons! This spread is quite simple but the addition of the clouds and balloons gives it a little extra character.

Don’t forget, a nice weekly spread doesn’t need to be filled with every sort of tracker going. Declutter your weekly spread by leaving blank space.


Cloud spread

This cloud themed weekly spread is a little different as it uses circles instead of squares or rectangles for the days of the week. With no frills but lots of extra space, you could easily add in a habit tracker or two.

No day dividers

Floral bullet journal weekly spread

This style of weekly spread doesn’t have any divider boxes for the days of the week, making it easier to fill in.

Mini quote in weekly spread

Try out a single colour theme and add in a quote for your next bullet journal weekly spread! If you’re looking for some inspiring quotes then you may like my post “100+ Amazing Bullet Journal Quotes To Inspire You!”.

Bricks and birds

Single page daily planner

Washi tape weekly spread

Use some washi tape to add some creativity to your weekly spread without too much hassle. Just add in a small doodle and some fancy lettering and you’re all set.

Have a look at my post ‘8 Easy Washi Tape Weekly Spreads You Can Create In Minutes’ for a little extra inspiration!

Hopefully some of these layouts have given you an idea of what to include in your next weekly spread. Keep checking back to this post as I’ll be updating the list with heaps of new ideas for you!



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