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40+ Awesome Bullet Journal Themes To Try This Year!

Bullet journal themes

Bullet journal themes are a great way to add a little creativity to your bujo!

I love to use different themes in my bullet journal. Picking a monthly theme can help you stay on track creativity-wise and won’t leave you stuck for ideas week after week.

Back when I first stared bullet journaling, I would pick a different theme each weekly spread. After a month or so I was exhausted. Now I choose one theme for the month ahead and try to stick to it. If you want to be extra organised – you could even plan out your themes for the whole year!

How to use themes in your bullet journal:

Try to use the same/similar theme in your monthly log, weekly spread, habit trackers and daily spreads.

Choose doodles to fit your chosen category. For example, if your theme is summer then you could add doodles of sunglasses, slices of watermelon, a pineapple, sandcastles or palm trees to your spread.

Or what about choosing a colour theme? For example, a yellow theme might include bananas, sun, corn or even a yellow submarine!

You don’t have to limit yourself to doodling. Why not use stickers or washi tape? Use a cool picture you found in a magazine and stick it into your journal? Or find some wrapping or brown paper to add to your theme.

A theme could be absolutely anything. Think weather, seasons, favourite characters, favourite food, animals, film, outer space, favourite band…pretty much whatever you can think of!

If you’re looking for doodle inspiration then have a look at my post “70+ Easy Doodles (with step-by-step pictures)”.

For weekly spread ideas, you may like my post “17 Of The Best Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Layouts”.

Supplies used in this post:

As you probably already know, I’m a big believer in less is more! I have a few bullet journal supplies that I use for pretty much all of my spreads here at A is For Aniseed, they include:



Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens

Tombow Dual Brush pens

Crayola Supertips

40+ Bullet Journal Themes:



Cupcake bullet journal theme

Everyday is a celebration when there are cupcakes! Try out a cake themed weekly spread to brighten up your week.

Citrus fruits

Using a citrus fruit themed spread can add a colourful summery vibe to your bullet journal.

Doodles: Lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit.


Avocado themed spread

Avo-go with an avo spread! Need I say more?

Tea and/or coffee

A tea and coffee theme would be great for those winter weeks when you’re looking for a hug in a mug!

Doodles: cups, mugs, coffee beans, teabags or cookies.

Cheese and wine

Why not try a cheese and wine theme for a spread?

Doodles: wheels or chunks of cheese, wine glasses, bottles or corks.


As the most important meal of the day, a breakfast theme might be just what you need!

Doodles: croissants, bread, jam, eggs, bacon, bowls of cereal or hot drinks.



A butterfly can be a really simple addition to any of your bujo spreads. Even just by doodling a small butterfly on each page, you can bring continuity to your journal.


Plant doodles

Potted plants are amongst my favourite type of doodle! They’re so easy to draw that you’ll never stop at just one.


Not just for spring, a flower theme can be pretty all year round.

For help with flower doodles, have a look at my post “Flower doodles that are quick, easy and beautiful”.

Cacti or succulents

Have a bit of fun with these cacti doodles below.



A bunch of lavender or two is sure to make your month pretty in purple!


This could be anything from autumn trees, a spring cherry blossom to snow dusted trees for winter.


Add some bee-utiful spring bees to your next month of spreads.

Bee doodle

Bonsai trees

Miniature and oh so cute, bonsai trees in pots would be a fun theme for any month.

Under the sea

A school of fish, coral, a shipwreck or some sunken treasure could make an underwater theme come to life!



Lighthouse bullet journal theme

Doodles: Lighthouse, waves, ship or a boat.

Hot air balloons

It’s simple to draw hot air balloons! Just add in a few clouds and you’re all set.

Hot air balloon doodle


Bullet journal themes

Rainy day

Has the novelty of autumn weather worn off? Colourful doodles of umbrellas, wellies (gumboots) and raincoats are sure to cheer you up!

Outer space

For something a little out there, try a space themed month of spreads.

Doodles: Planets, stars, a rocket ship, astronauts and asteroids.

Holiday theme

Heading away somewhere? How about decorating your journal to reflect travel plans?

Doodles: local landmarks, cuisine or the local flag.

Even if travel isn’t on the cards, why not choose a theme of some places you’d like to visit?



Got a birthday month coming up? Make it extra special with party themed spreads.

Doodles: Balloons, cake, presents or a banner.


Get into the festive mood with Christmas themed bullet journal pages.

Doodles: Christmas lights, trees, snowmen, gifts, elves or stockings.

New Year’s

Celebrate new beginnings with a quote or doodles of fireworks and a bottle of champagne.

Valentines day

Valentines spread

Red or pink colour themes are always nice to use around February. Doodle in simple classics like hearts, roses, flowers or chocolates.


Try out Easter themed pages in your bullet journal.

Doodles: Bunnies, Easter eggs, chicks, flowers


Choosing a theme doesn’t mean you have to come up with something complicated.

Doodles: Pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, monsters, vampires, headstones or cauldrons.


Seasonal themes are a really great choice as there’s so much you can draw inspiration from.


A spring theme could include simple doodles like butterflies, bunnies, lambs or flowers.


Summer themed Bullet Journal spread

I had a notepad stashed away with this cute summery design in the margins. Rather than doodle something by hand, I simply cut out the design and stuck it in – cute, right?

Doodles: watermelon, sunglasses, cool drinks, lemons, sandcastles or pineapples.


Doodles: leaves, wooly hats, scarves, gloves or hot drinks.

If you’d like to see some autumn themed spreads then pop over to my post “Pretty Autumn Bullet Journal Ideas” for more ideas!


You could incorporate both a winter theme and a Christmas theme if you needed some extra inspiration.

Doodles: Snowflakes, icicles, snow capped mountains, penguins, fireplaces, coffee cups, mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Film/character themes

Harry Potter

Lord Of The Rings

Disney (pick your favourite film or choose a different one each week)



Other theme ideas

Geometric patterns

Phases of the moon

Star signs (Leo, Virgo, Libra etc.)



Of course there are hundreds (if not thousands) more themes you could use. These are just a few of my favourites. Give some of them a go and let me know how yours turn out in the comments below!



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