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Unique Ideas For Bullet Journal Mood Trackers

Using a mood tracker in your bullet journal is a great way to monitor your emotions for the month.


Everyone has good days and not so good days each month – but have you ever tracked your moods to see if a pattern emerges? Enter the bullet journal mood tracker!

It can be really fun coming up with creative ideas for mood trackers. Plus, if you’ve got something you love then you’ll be more motivated to fill it in each day.

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How does a mood tracker work?

A mood tracker is a daily record of how you’re feeling. Happy, sad, calm, relaxed…whatever your emotion, you can track it.

At its most basic, you could just draw 30 or 31 squares (depending on the amount of days for that month), add in a corresponding key eg. blue = sad, green = ok, yellow = happy etc. Then, just fill in one square each day to reflect your mood for the past 24 hours.

Simple, right?!

Then, at the end of the month, you can look back to see if there’s a pattern or which events may have triggered certain emotions.

So read on for some fun ideas for mood trackers…

Supplies used to create these bullet journal mood trackers:

Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens

Tombow Dual Brush pens

Washi tape (although not identical, these designs are equally as cute)


Balloon mood tracker

This balloon mood tracker doesn’t really require any drawing skills at all but still looks cute. Bright colours for the balloons will turn it into an eye catching picture too.

Cloud with water droplets

Cloud mood tracker

Perfect for those rainy autumn months, this cloud mood tracker definitely won’t leave you feeling blue!

Cups and saucers

Coffee cup mood tracker

What better way to track your mood than with some cute cups?!

This mood tracker took a little longer to sketch out but it was soooo worth it. I love how it turned out! I can’t wait to use it next month.

Daisy chain mood tracker

Daisy chain mood tracker

Perfect for those summer months, why not try out a daisy chain mood tracker? If you’re feeling extra adventurous then you could even mix up the flower designs.


Bunting mood tracker

If you’re not very artistic then this simple bunting mood tracker might work for you.

Flag washi tape mood tracker

Washi flag mood tracker

This one is so quick and easy to setup. Simply draw out your flag poles, choose your favourite styles of washi tape, match them to your key and you’re all set to track your moods for the month. Cut triangles or cut a small ‘v’ shape from a strip of tape to mix it up.

Bee themed mood tracker

Bee mood tracker

If you’ve got a hexagon stencil then you can set up this mood tracker really quickly. I added in a bee doodle and some drips of honey to give it a bit more character.

Lightbulb mood tracker

Lightbulb mood tracker

Try out this lightbulb mood tracker to brighten up your month. Use bright colours to make the bulbs really stand out.

Jar full of stars

Star mood tracker

I used a star stencil to draw out the stars which made putting it together quick and easy.

Alternative basic mood tracker ideas

Sometimes making a fancy mood tracker can be a little time consuming. If you’re pushed for time next month then try out one of these quick ideas:

Pick your favourite styles of washi tape and cut squares (or strips) to represent different moods. Just add in the dates as you go.

List the numbers 1 – 30 (or 31) to represent each date and draw a happy/sad/neutral/annoyed etc face next to each one.

Use a stencil to draw different shapes. Choose your favourite colours to create a simple key.

Ultimately it doesn’t really matter which sort of mood tracker you decide use in your bullet journal. As long as the tracker you choose helps you to keep account of your moods for the month then it’s a winner!

Hopefully some of these ideas have inspired you to create your own mood tracker.



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