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The Best Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads For Planning!

Calendar monthly spread

Using monthly spreads in your bullet journal can simplify your schedule, save time and help you to focus on the month ahead.

Bullet journal monthly spreads can be a great way of getting everything down in one place. Whether it’s an appointment, an event or something that you need to do – you can get it down in your monthly to save time later on.

But first:

What are monthly spreads?

More detailed than a future log but not as focused as a weekly, a monthly spread falls somewhere in between the two.

Sometimes called a monthly log or simply a ‘monthly’, it is basically an overview of the month ahead – a calendar with writing space if you like.

Over the year, you’ll have a total of 12 monthly spreads – one for each month.

Side note: If you’re looking for some weekly spread inspiration then you might like my post ‘17 Of The Best Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Layouts’.

What should a monthly spread include?

If you’re keeping it simple then all you need is a basic calendar in some shape or form. However, if you want to include trackers or lists, the monthly spread is a good place to put them.

You could add:

‘Hello (month)’ artwork or doodles – creativity space

Habit trackers

Cleaning tracker

Mood tracker

Goals for the month

To-do list for the month

Gratitude log

Of course there are loads of other things you could include but these ideas will get you started!

How to use your monthly spread

A monthly spread is your core organisation area for the month. You can use it several ways but the main uses are:

To add items to the spread as they come up. This is especially useful if you haven’t created the relevant weekly yet.

At the start of each new week, simply refer back to your monthly and move any relevant items across to your weekly spread.

If you have included monthly trackers then go back to your monthly spread each day to fill them in.

Tools I used to create these monthly spreads:

Pencil – I often like to roughly sketch out my spread plan. Placement of boxes, calendar and tracker areas (if relevant).

Pens – Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens. I use either the S or XS nib size for outlining boxes, lettering and doodles.

Ruler – I always use a ruler for straight edges.

Brush pens – The Tombow Dual Brush pens add a pretty splash of colour to any monthly spread.

Markers – Crayola Supertips are vibrant, versatile and come in loads of different colours, which makes them a great addition to any bujo toolkit.

So have some fun setting up your next monthly spread and read on for 10 different monthly layouts!

Classic style monthly spread

Classic bullet journal monthly spreads

This monthly spread layout on the right page is really similar to Ryder Carroll’s original version. It is basic but has space for you to jot down something for each day if you needed to. The page on the left is a simple introduction to November.

Classic with half page divider

Similar to the classic monthly log, however it has two columns to divide up work and home activities. You could change the column titles or add more if you needed to. This layout would be really useful if you had a lot on and needed to keep areas of your daily life seperate.

Calendar style

Calendar monthly spread

Simple but effective, this monthly spread has a more compact calendar with space to jot down events/appointments below.

Monthly spread with a key

Monthly spread with a key

This monthly spread uses a key in place of writing in the calendar square. It’s great for recording recurring events you may have throughout the month.

Single page monthly log

Single page monthly log

With space to write in boxes for each day, this monthly spread will keep your appointments contained. Write them in sideways to make the most of the space.

A circular monthly spread

Be a little more creative with your next monthly spread and try out this circular style. It’s a fun way to practice your doodling too!

Have a look at my post ‘70+ Easy Doodles (With Step by Step pictures)’ for a bit of doodling inspiration!

Double page monthly spread

Double page bullet journal monthly spread

Although this double page spread takes up two pages, it has lots of daily writing space. Use it for those months that are super busy.

Spider monthly spread

Spider Bullet journal monthly spreads

For a different way to log your monthly tasks and appointments, try out this spider spread!

Mini calendar style monthly spread

Mini calendar bullet journal monthly spreads

A simple monthly spread, this log is good for jotting down just a few important dates.

Monthly spread with trackers

This monthly spread has a little bit of everything. Divide up items into ‘events’, ‘notes’ and ‘to do’. Plus, keep yourself accountable and add a habit tracker or two for the month.

Hopefully these bullet journal monthly spreads will have given you some inspiration to create your own!

If you’re new to bullet journaling then maybe start off with something simple and go from there. Don’t be afraid to try out different ideas until you find something that works for you.



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