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Easy and Functional Bullet Journal Daily Spread Ideas!

Bullet journal daily spread ideas

A daily spread (also known as a daily log) can help to organise every last detail of your routine. Whatever your planning style – use these ideas to create the perfect daily spread!

Using a daily spread in your bullet journal is a really good way to increase your productivity and stay organised. Put it together the night before so that you’re all set for the following day!

What is a daily spread?

A daily spread or log is a place for you to record your everyday schedule. You can use it to list tasks, goals, musings or doodles – whatever is important to you!

If you’re more focused on tasks then a to-do list and an hourly schedule breakdown might be a good way for you to stay on track with organisation.

On the other hand if you’re trying to establish a new habit or keep track of other goals then why not divide your daily spread up into trackers?

Or perhaps you could combine a schedule and some trackers? That’s the great thing about a bullet journal you can try out different layouts until you find what works best for you.

Supplies used to create these spreads:

I like to keep my bullet journal supplies basic – you don’t need much to create some awesome spreads!



Washi tape

Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens

Tombow Dual Brush pens

Daily spread ideas:

There are lots of different things you might like to include in a daily spread. Here are a few layouts and sections to give you some inspiration!

Monday bullet journal daily spread

Hourly schedule

If you want to be super organised then you could breakdown your day into time-blocks. This can be really useful if you’re studying or have a busy daily work schedule. Dividing up your day into more manageable sections can stop you from feeling overwhelmed and help you to get things done more efficiently.

To-do/task list

A to-do list or a task list is a simple way to keep on top of all the little things that you want to accomplish throughout the day. Simply tick items off as you get them done or migrate incomplete tasks to another day.

Weather forecast

Record the weather for the day ahead in your daily spread.


Writing down a meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner can save time.

Tuesday daily spread

Gratitude log

A gratitude log is an area for you to jot down something that you’re grateful for each day. It doesn’t have to be anything overly complicated, even something as simple as ‘saw a rainbow on my way to work‘ can improve your overall mood.

Bujo daily spread ideas

Task categories

The daily spread above uses colour coded categories for daily tasks. This one included home, work, shop and other but you could easily change these categories to suit your lifestyle.


Record your goals for the day ahead.

General shopping list

Never forget to pick up milk on your way home from work! Keep a shopping list handy for those little bits and pieces you would otherwise forget.

Daily log ideas

Daily quote

Quotes can be a really good way to help you stay motivated. Pick one for the day and you’ll see it each time you open your bullet journal.

If you’re looking for fun quotes to use in your bujo then you may like my post ‘100+ Amazing Bullet Journal Quotes To Motivate You!‘.

Washi tape daily spread

Brain dump

Got too much on your mind? Write down whatever thoughts flow through your pen. Worries, tasks, things you’ve done etc. This could be in list form, doodles or a spider diagram. A brain-dump area can be helpful for de-stressing too!


Use this space in your daily spread to jot down meetings, medical, dental or any other type of appointment.

Ingredient shopping list

If you’re cooking tonight, why not make a shopping list area so that you don’t forget anything?

Habit tracker daily spread

Daily habit trackers

Perhaps you’re trying to establish a new habit or break an old one? A habit tracker could come in useful in your bullet journal daily spread. Follow your progress each day and use it as motivation for tomorrow.

Other daily spread ideas for your bullet journal:

Chores list

Set time aside during your day to complete household chores.

Top priority list

If you’ve got a few things that absolutely must get done during the day then a ‘top priority’ list might be for you.

Health tracker

Track your fitness, 5 a day or anything else health related.

Daily routine

This could include any type of routine – from skincare to exercise to reading a book for 15 mins every evening.

Journal entry

Just because it’s a bullet journal, it doesn’t mean you can’t add in some longhand writing!

Daily doodle

Add in a daily doodle area and let your creativity run wild! For some fun doodle ideas, hop over to my post ‘70+ Easy Doodles (With Step By Step Pictures)’.

Hopefully some of these ideas will come in useful for planning your next daily spread. Remember, a daily spread can include anything at all! Make it personal and add in things that will help you to become more productive in your day-to-day life.



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