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9 Easy BuJo Water Trackers To Boost Hydration!

Are you looking for some BuJo water tracker ideas? Try out one of these to add a splash of extra creativity to any spread!

Bujo Water tracker ideas

As you probably already know, bullet journals are not only a space for getting organised, they’re also a great place to record new habits. You can track anything from moods, fitness, sleep to healthy eating or cleaning…you name it, you can track it!

One of my favourites is a water tracker.

If you’re looking for more habit tracker ideas, then have a look at my post ‘Bujo Habit Trackers To Encourage A Better Lifestyle’.

A water tracker is a good way to keep count of how many glasses of water you’ve had each day. It can also also help encourage you to drink more, establish the good habit of keeping hydrated and make you feel generally better!

Some days a couple of hours can pass before I realise that I haven’t had anything to drink.

According to Healthline, we should all be aiming to drink around 8 glasses each day. If you don’t stay hydrated then you may find that you experience a drop in energy, your brain function will suffer and you probably won’t feel so great physically either.

Drinking water is also a good way to increase your metabolism.

Since I’ve started using a daily water tracker, I have definitely become more aware of how many glasses of water I have had – not only that but I have found myself making an effort to actually increase my water intake.

Ways to increase water intake:

  • Keep a bottle of water beside you.
  • Add fruits to your water to give it some extra flavour.
  • If you’re thirsty, try and drink immediately.
  • Use a hydration app.

I love coming up with new ideas for water trackers in my bujo.

Here are a few fun but simple ways to record your water consumption. Plus, you could easily turn some of these ideas into a monthly tracker if you wanted to.

Water droplets from a watering can

Water droplets from a watering can

How cute is this one? If you’re creating a plant themed weekly spread then maybe try out a watering can water tracker. It’s really simple to draw and doesn’t take up much space on the page.

Rows of small glasses

Water tracker glasses

Got some extra space for a water tracker this week? Draw out these mini glasses and never be thirsty again.

A large droplet divided up into sections

Water tracker droplets

So easy but so effective for keeping track of your water intake. Just draw one for each day of the week and shade in as you go.

Fill a large glass with blue squares

Droplets in glass

A glass of water to track glasses of water…why not? Put it in the corner of your weekly spread.

Umbrella beneath water droplets

Water droplets tracker

You could draw four or five of these on a whole page to make it into a monthly water tracker. Or add it in to your weekly spread and add some colour to give it some character!

Raincloud with a chain of water droplets below

Water tracker cloud with droplets

One droplet = one glass of water. Just draw in a chain of raindrops for each day of the week. Or how about creating a giant cloud with droplets for a monthly water tracker?

I started colouring in the droplets from the bottom but you could start at the top instead. It’s totally up to you!

Water bottle divided up into sections

Water bottle tracker

Fill up your water bottle! Each section of this water bottle represents one glass of water. Easy to draw, easy to fill in, you’ll have no problem establishing good hydration habits!

Tap with drips

Dripping tap tracker

Why not draw a mini tap with drips of water? Great for squeezing into a narrow space in your daily log or weekly spread.

Ferris Wheel with glasses

Ferris wheel tracker

If you’re feeling a little more artistic then maybe try this one to keep count of how many glasses of water you’ve had each day.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for water trackers! Hopefully they will spur you on to create good habits with your water consumption. Why not give some of them a go in your next weekly spread?



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