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BuJo Habit Trackers to Encourage A Better Lifestyle

Habit trackers are a great way to push us to reach our goals, start new habits or establish old ones!

We all want to life our best life, right? Whether that means saving money for a holiday, keeping up a fitness routine or reading more books – you’re bound to have a goal (or at least something you‘d like to get into a routine of doing more often).

Or, at the other end of the spectrum, perhaps there’s a habit you want to cut down on (or stop completely)? Things like unhealthy eating, screen time or online shopping may be on your list of things to pay attention to.

A habit tracker in your bullet journal can be the perfect way to monitor your habits – both the good and not so good!

But first…

What are habit trackers?

A habit tracker is basically a chart or a graph that you can fill in and keep a record of what you did on a certain day.

How can a tracker help?

Using a tracker is a great way to visually follow your habits. Seeing how often you do something (or don’t) can help you stay on track to reach your goals.

I find that filling in one square each day, spurs me on to want to fill in the next…and the next.

Plus you may also be able to see patterns in your habits, which can help you to better understand why something isn’t working.

Basic supplies used for creating these habit trackers:


Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens

Tombow Dual Brush pens

So let’s get started with some different habit trackers :

Mini monthly habit trackers

A mini monthly habit tracker will include space to name your habit plus a series of boxes – one for each day of the month.

It’s a great way to follow your progress over the entire month. Having (give or take) 30 days next to each other will easily show how you’re progressing with a certain habit.

This style of monthly habit tracker is usually just for one habit. Put it close to your monthly log or spread page to make it easy to find.

Mini habit trackers no 1
Mini monthly habit trackers no 2
Mini monthly habit trackers pg3

Fill a page with your favourite one or mix it up and use a few different designs to keep track of your habits over the month.

Weekly habit trackers

A weekly habit tracker will usually be placed somewhere on your weekly spread pages.

This style of tracker could track one habit or a few different ones in a neat little table. Perfect for squeezing into your favourite weekly spread layout.

Use bright colours to make the tracker really stand out!

Weekly habit trackers

Daily habit trackers

A daily habit tracker can be added into the daily columns of your weekly spread. Something as simple as a few droplets of water to track your water intake or a small emoji doodle to follow your moods can be just what you need.

If you’re looking for some water tracker ideas, then you might like my post ‘9 Fun but Simple Ideas for Bujo Water Trackers’.

Full page habit tracker

When you’re tracking a lot of different habits then why not try a full page habit tracker chart? It may take a little more effort to set up but once filled in, you can get a good overview of your progress over a longer period of time.

Set it up at the beginning of the month and flip back to it each day and fill it in!

A few habit tracker ideas:

Pretty much anything you can think of can be monitored in your bullet journal! If you’re looking to add more to your habit trackers, have a look through the list below for some extra ideas.


Mood tracker – add in a colour coded key to represent daily moods.

Water/hydration tracker – x amount of glasses or cups.

Medication/vitamin tracker.

Sleep tracker – this could be amount of hours slept or awake/in bed by…

No alcohol tracker.

No junk food.

Exercise/gym tracker – break it down into individual exercises for more detail.

Sugar free.

Meat free.

No electronics before bed/after a certain time.

Self care

Book/reading tracker.

Wrote in journal.

Hair washing tracker.

‘Me time’ tracker – did you do something for yourself today? Eg a hobby.

Worked on a project – is there something fun you’re working on at the moment? Track how often you progress!

Skin care routine.


Financial management

Bill payment tracker – track outgoing payments.

No spend day tracker.

Holiday savings tracker – make the boxes a little bigger to log amounts.

Backed up phone/computer.

Household tasks

Made bed.

Mopped floors.

Cleaned windows.


There are so many more things to track so I’ll add to this list over time.

I hope this post has given you a little inspiration for creating your own habit trackers! If there’s a goal or habit (good or bad) that you want to monitor then give one of these ideas a try. You might find yourself reaching your goals sooner than you think!



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